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  1. Application for refugee status from outside Canada Humanitarian-protected Persons Abroad 
  2. Application of LMIA exemption codes T21 T22 T23 and T24 
  3. Backgrounder – Detention, removals and the new Assisted Voluntary Returns Program
  4. Express Entry system_ Understanding the Objective and Subjective Legal Perspective
  5. H&C applications and the governing legislation to grant permanent residence to certain foreign nationals who do not otherwise 
  6.  HNC-applications-circumstances-and_or-factors-act-regulations-procedures 
  7. How to evaluate prepare and submit review request for visa refusal 
  8. How to fix errors in forms and documents after submission 
  9. How to legally establish, constitute and prove common law spouse relationship
  10. How to make a request under the Access to Information Act to access case file record 
  11. How to sponsor your own dependent children or dependent child of your spouse or common law spouse
  12. IAD – removal orders made against permanent residents and protected persons at an examination or admissibility 
  13. IAD Family class sponsorship appeals 
  14. IAD Ministers appeal of a decision made by a member of the Immigration Division and appeals of overseas decisions 
  15. Immigration Law and Criminal Law Canadian Laws vs. Source Country the legal evidential weight to consider 
  16. Immigration Law and Family Law Canadian Laws vs. Source Country the legal evidential weight to consider 
  17. In Canada Work-Permits, Renewals, Changing Conditions-Status, Restorations and new electronic system, the Employer Portal 
  18. Legality and Understanding of Sponsorship Operational Procedures 
  19. Understanding the legality of temporary foreign workers policy, procedures
  20. Refugee claims_ Dealing with special circumstances 
  21. Refugee Claim: The IRB Hearing Preparation 
  22. Refugees claim_ The Judgement Day (Hearing_Trial Day)
  23. The IAD appeal hearing – Sponsorship Appeals (4-CPD) 
  24. Understanding the Legal and Consequential Difference between Departure Orders, Exclusion Orders and Deportation 
  25. NAFTA and Business People in Canada 
  26. Past criminal Activity and Application for Rehabilitation 
  27. Pitfalls to avoid or overcome triggering refusals and appeals in sponsorship cases 
  28. PNP programs and RCIC registration requirements vs. Federal Programs 
  29. Pre-removal risk assessment Exemptions to the bar

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